Copper Recycling services

At Nsat Recycling we specialize in the collection and recycling of waste cable which allows us to pay a premium for your material.


We deal with all sizes of companies from one man electricians to large national mechanical and electrical contractors.


We can supply wheelie bin containers where needed free of charge subject to terms and conditions.


We weigh the waste cable on collection and offer several payment services from Bank transfers; to company cheque's and payment on invoice or you can opt for our unique Recycling Community payment.


We receive, process, and resell a wide variety of copper materials, and we understand that the customers are our business. We take great pride treating you right. Providing the best service possible is paramount to us. Our customers are appreciated and respected; we refuse to take any of you for granted.


We invite you to grow with us, as we push forward in the recycling industry to better our planet.



Pick Up Service

At Nsat Recycling we offers a great alternative in collection and recycling of waste cable and eliminating the hassle of delivering it to your local scrap yard.


Our pick up service is available at your business premises, site, or any location that is most convenient for you. All of our vans are equipped with a 5’ X 5’ digital electronic certified scale, so the most accurate weight of your material is guaranteed.

At Nsat Recycling we know that scrap is a very complex item that requires different ways of handling and packaging. We are sure that we could be an asset to your business and would love the opportunity to prove it.



Cable Assessment & Removal Service

At Nsat Recycling We are specialists in complete site cable assessment and removal. Our directors have many years of experience in the Electrical and Data/Telecommunications market.

“As a director of an Electrical and Data/Telecommunications company I saw many sites where Electrical and Data/Telecommunication cabling was being installed over existing info-structures. This process worried me that this cable was heavy and caused a potential fire hazard to the business and had no place to be left in the building.


The customer had no budget to remove the cable and the Electrical/Data contractors were not asked to remove the potentially hazardous redundant cables. That's when I thought that we could offer a complete Cost to Cost Service.

We assess the redundant cable info-structures and complete a Cost to Cost survey and where possible remove the cable completely free of charge.

We then issue the customer with a
Green Certificate

Which states how much Co2 has been offset by the removal and recycling of the redundant cable?


Why Recycle Copper

At Nsat Recycling we know that it takes approximately 15% of the energy to recycle copper than to extract the metal from the earth. Saving an estimated 500kg of greenhouse gases per tonne of recycled copper. Not to mention the gases, chemicals and dust that mining produces.


Recyclability is one way which helps Nsat Recycling to establish the 'green' credentials for Copper and show how 'environmentally friendly' it is.

Demand for copper, is growing as countries throughout the world continue to develop industrially. To help conserve the world's raw materials, Nsat Recycling has its emphasis on recycling, Currently in Europe 41% of our demand for copper is met from recycling.

We are also aiming to divert as much material as possible from landfill. As part of this requirement, we can focus on the recyclable content of cable